Welcome to Club Joy!

A Club of Action

This is a club of doing and of thankfulness. I was inspired to start Club Joy through the  power of creativity. I wanted to create a place for people to take action . This is a club to inspire and be inspired a place to learn and to create. Club Joy is a community of like minded people sharing in the joys of life. 

Everyone is welcome at Club Joy. We have some up coming community projects that I will be announcing in the near future. And also our first club event is being planned at the moment. Some amazing things are coming down the line, with Club Joy membership and ways to help spread joy through community and out into the world. So stay tuned. 

By setting our intentions to joy what kind of of impact can we have? What kinds of things can we accomplish in the name of joy, what kind of community is possible? Can we create sustainable healthy and joyful living through a groups intentions? What are the boundaries? Is any thing possible?  Lets find out together.

My name is Donovan Burgess and this is our Club! Club Joy!

Our Mission

Our mission at Club Joy is to awaken joy through creative expression and knowledge.

Joy is best Shared

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our mission of awakening joy through creative expressions and knowledge.

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Bamboo House. Not our school house.

Project Naked Indian

If I could create a life for a person I love, this would be it.....


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