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An Empire of Joy!

Dedication to Creation

 I was inspired to start living in joy through the  power of creativity. I wanted to create a place for people to take action.  An empire of joy is a community of like minded people sharing in the joys of life. 

 We have some up coming community projects that I will be announcing in the near future. And also our first club event is being planned at the moment. Some amazing things are coming down the line, with Club Joy membership and ways to help spread joy through community and out into the world. So stay tuned. 

By setting our intentions to joy what kind of of impact can we have? What kinds of things can we accomplish in the name of joy, what kind of community is possible? Can we create sustainable healthy and joyful living through a groups intentions? What are the boundaries? Is any thing possible?  Lets find out together.

My name is Donovan Burgess and this is our Club! Club Joy!

Our Mission

Our mission At Empire Of Joy (EOJ) is to awaken joy through creative expression and knowledge.

Joy is best Shared

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our mission of awakening joy through creative expressions and knowledge.

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Bamboo House. Not our school house.

Project Naked Indian

If I could create a life for a person I love, this would be it.....


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The Ultimate Motorcycle and Surf Adventure


Be the first to go on our inaugural Motorcycle and Surf Adventure

Surf, motorcycles, tropical beaches and freedom are the essence of this adventure.  There is nothing like the feeling of riding a moto through a mountain pass, crossing a river on a back jungle road and coming over the ridge and seeing the coast for the first time. You just see things different on a motorcycle. The world has a different feel to it, it feels exciting. You see and feel things that you normally wouldn't in a car. We access places you just can't get to in a car or 4x4. The excitement, the rush, the freedom. It all sounds cliche, but its the truth. Motorcycles are just plain cool and super fun. 

Where are we going and where will we be staying?

Having extensive knowledge of the pacific coast and quite a few hidden spots, secret gems, tropical waterfalls, hide away restaurants and amazing lookouts. You will truly get to witness and see Costa Rica in a unique and amazing way. We stay the night in San Jose  going over our plans and provisions for the upcoming leg of the journey. In the morning we mount up and head north west through the jungles, over the mountains to the lush coastline of Costa Rica.  Where the jungle meets the ocean is where we will set our first camp and have our first surf.

We have a loose schedule and one month to make it down the coast to Pavones, a tropical paradise with an unbelievable left hand wave that can produce 3 minute rides!  It's a very magical place. 

   The swell and tides will determine when we travel and when we stay.   Some days we will camp on the beach or tucked up in the jungle. Some days we will stay in beach cabinas with ac and wifi. You will definitely be having a unique experience and living in a variety of places. From hammocks and tents to chill surf cabinas and rad beach houses.  

Who is this Adventure for?

I am keeping this adventure to a small group of 2-4 people. This keeps it authentic and real. This Expedition is for the intermediate surfer looking to progress with their surfing and go on a hands on adventure. Exploring one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth and surfing some of the best waves the Pacific ocean has to offer. Someone that wants to make a deeper connection with the world around them. Someone looking for more then all inclusive and all you can eat buffet. Someone looking for a life experience, a moment that they will remember for a lifetime... Is that person you?.

The Motorcycles and You

We will be riding 250, 400 or 650 Enduro motorcycles. What size moto you ride is up to your skill level. A 250 is perfect for learning, a 650 is great for the more advanced rider. While the 450 is right in the middle if you are an intermediate rider. You do not need a motorcycle license here in Costa Rica.  A valid driver's license will work fine. We will supply the helmets, insurance, and gas.


There will be times that we cook over an open fire; cooking the days catch. There will be road side "sodas", local restaurants, jungle cafes, fresh hand made chocolate, all types of fresh fruit, vegetables and local cuisine. You will get a taste of all that Costa Rica has to offer. We will supply all the basics for meal preparation, salt, pepper, onions garlic, rice, lentils, fruits and vegetables ect. and cooking utensils. we will not provide meat or specialty items. We will cook one meal a day for you. You are responsible for the other two meals. I will be giving class on cooking outside  and open-fire cooking along with proper fire making and safety. 

There is a lot more info coming out on this adventure.

If you have questions or want to book with us, please send an email.

Thank you, 


p.s. stay tuned much more info is coming in the near future.