"Surfing. It's like the mafia. Once you're in - you're in. There's no getting out." Kelly Slater

Surfing A Way Of Life

   The first documented surfing happened in Tahiti, when Cpt. James Cook, on his maiden voyage , sailed in on the  HMS Endeavour.  "We stood admiring this very wonderful scene for full half an hour, in which time no one of the actors attempted to come ashore but all seemed most highly entertained with their strange diversion."-- 2nd LT Joseph Banks.         

     We know that surfing came from an abundance in life, because people like 2nd LT Banks, Mark Twain and Jack London wrote about and recorded what they saw. About how the abundance of the land and the ocean had allowed the Hawaiians the time to discover "wave slipping". As the rest of the world was living in perpetual war and destruction, the Polynesians were surfers, catching waves and living in the Aloha Spirit. 

   I created Liquid Sessions because I believe surfing is not a sport but a way of life. Its a lifestyle centered on being outside in nature living in Aloha, the presence of divine breath and the connection of land, water and people. Through the Aloha Spirit we find purpose and with purpose we find dedication. Through dedication the cosmos sing and heaven is made on earth. All great things are made through dedication like art, music, architecture, love, life and SURF.


Do you know?

To truly know the ocean, the surf break, its not enough to watch a Youtube Video and rent a long board.  Watching, studying, paddling, duck diving and surfing the waves, living it sunup to sun down, that's how you truly know.

....I invite you to come take a journy with me

A Journey to become "The Surfer"

    A journey out into the wild and into the human spirit. A full immersion into the surf lifestyle, into alignment with Earth's natural rhythm of swell, wind and tides. Knowing that surfing is a way of life, we look to live life to the fullest. We use nutrition, yoga and surfing to help you become The Surfer, and to bring out your highest potential.

Who is Invited?

 Any one looking to live a perfect month in paradise (or as long as you like). Leaving behind the 9-5 grind and discovering a new and exotic place. Someone that wants to start doing something extraordinary and to start living a life of surfing and adventure. Someone looking to live a healthier more fulfilling life connected with nature through surfing. Keep in mind, my groups stay small people, first come first serve. 

A Learning Experience

    I learned from Tim Smith at Jack Mountain Bushcraft school, "There’s no substitute to getting out and doing it, learning by doing, and having a life experience you will never forget" Adventuring is going out into the unknown and doing something new. That's why adventurers take a thrilling or exciting task as an opportunity to learn, move ahead and gain experience. No matter the outcome, however, the coward takes it as a dangerous task and never tries. 

    While you're here with Liquid Sessions, we help you build your outdoor knowledge, skills and confidence through real life experience.  Surfing is a great catalyst for this, taking us to exotic, wild and far flung places all over the world. Some places require intensive traveling, hiking, boating, 4x4 and riding to get access to a break. Sometimes we put up a hammock and build a small camp, sometimes we stay at a friends cabina, but we always seem to be in the wilderness. The jungle, the ocean, or that magic place where the two meet.  

    While we are there we start to see and identify different plants and animals. Over head are sloths, monkeys and birds of every color. The air is a buzz with the sounds of life as we learn about the fruits and the edible plants that are growing all around us. The more we know and learn about our natural surroundings, the easier it is for us to live abundantly. You learn how to simply live off the land with what's given to you. Fresh fish to fresh fruit you'll witness the abundance of life all around you. 

The Waves

    Its one of the longest waves known to man. Blue warm water and beautiful tropical rain forest. It's truly a magical place that words have a hard time describing.  I could sit and write all day, take a million photos and still I could not capture the beauty of Pavones. Come find out for yourself, the most epic surf sessions of your life await you. 

Be the surfer Immersion

Dropping in.

Three Day Taste of the good Life (Lv1-5) $769

Take a taste of the dream life and discover paradise with us. Living and learning the fundamentals of surfing. Perfect for the intermediate surfer looking to take the next step in their surfing. Let us help you progress from a green wave kook to a face carving grom.   

Spreading out the three days is optional to incorporate rest days into the program, check out other sights, sounds, and attractions that beautiful Costa Rica has to offer, or keep practicing surfing on your own. Perfect for a short getaway or week long vacation. Learn More

A Perfect Week.....or Two (Lv1-5) $1399

 A perfect week taken right out of the Dream Month helps you get more than just a glimpse into the world of surfing. Dive headfirst and learn the art of surfing. Learn more

Living the Dream Month Long Surf Immersion --- (Lv1-5) $3999

  Are you serious about taking your surfing to the next level?  Do you want to eat, breathe and sleep the surf lifestyle? Then this is the course for you. We plan every day around our surf sessions.  Tide and swell direction help determine where we surf for the day. From dawn patrols to sunset sessions we will be sharpening and honing your water skills and teaching you new ways to have fun, play, and interact with the waves. Learn more

*Prices for single person. Discounts for couples and groups. 

Boy carrying surfboard.

What is Included

*Skills, confidance and knowledge from a real life expierance. 

*Accommodations at LS surf house. Walk out the front door right into the wave. 

*Transportation to and from Golfito Airport.

*Health and Wellness Consultation followed with weekly check in's. 

*5x weekly practical surf development lessons. 

*2x weekly theory in classroom on surf knowledge   

*Access to board quiver

*Food, breakfast everyday and 5 group dinners per week. Leaves room to explore local cuisine. (all inclusive and special diets upon request) 

*Yoga is offered daily

*Multiple surf trips to other breaks, 2 surf trips a week at the least.

*Day trips to Mata Palo wild life refuge

*2X Weekly massage.

*Waterfall tours

*Free Time to do what you want.

*Ebook  (includes course curriculum, what to bring, Local breaks, and more)!

*Video and picture analyst and coaching 

*Good Vibes Good People Good times

Limited space BOOK HERE`

Add On's

Local artisan cacao and chocolate tour

Sacred plant medicine ceremony and shamanic healing

Horse tours 

Bike and beach rentals

Spear fishing courses

Boat fishing tour

Nanny services for our families

Sup tours

Spanish classes

Art classes 

And more........

welcome to Surf house pavones

Surfhouse View and Lounge

It's a relaxing and welcoming beach house located in the lush jungles of a small fishing and surfing village. Tranquility and surfing oasis conveniently located to Golfito airport.

Mellow surf vibe with warm and welcoming host. The surf house staff will make you feel like part of our Aloha family as soon as you arrive, helping you relax and enjoy while making sure all your needs are taking care of.

Looking out over the Wave.

Steps away from perfection with rooms looking out to the worlds longest warm water left wave.


Day Courses

Intro to Surf $65

 If you are not sure about surfing or just on vacation and want to give it try, our Intro to Surf package is perfect for you.  A two hour course that includes your board rental for the day and round trip transportation.  Learn the basics and have fun playing in the waves! Book here

Beginner Course (Lv1) $75

 This is an action packed day for the adventurer that wants to build a solid foundation for their surfing.  A hands-on and intensive course designed to give you all the skills necessary for you to successfully transfer from level one beginner (kook) to level two intermediate surfer.  Book here

Intermediate Course (Lv2, Lv3) $99

 This course is specifically designed for the individual Level Two Intermediate Surfer.  The first session of the day is focused on technique and evaluation of fundamental surf skills. The second session is based on our evaluation of the first session.  After the evaluation, you’ll be learning new techniques that advance your level of surfing and your overall awareness and confidence in the ocean.   The focus is on helping you become a well-rounded and competent Surfer. Book here


Up Coming Adventures

March 30th 2018

Costa Rica Surf and Motorcycle Adventure

Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

+ Event Details

March 30th 2018

Costa Rica Surf and Motorcycle Adventure

A month long adventure tour, jump off point will be San Jose and we will be hitting and making precision strikes on all the cherry spots from the north all the way down to the border of Panama. A week in the north, a week in the Santa Teresa area, a stop in Jaco and then Dominacal. The icing on the cake is over a week in the sweet sweet Pavones area. Read More

Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

June 7th 2019

Be "The Surfer" a Month Long Journey into the Surfing Life

Pavones, Costa Rica

+ Event Details

June 7th 2019

Be "The Surfer" a Month Long Journey into the Surfing Life

A month long total immersion into the world of surfing. Our days are planned around the tides and swell. We eat, drink and sleep surf.  World class food, Beach side Surf house.......... More

Pavones, Costa Rica

The Ultimate Motorcycle and Surf Adventure

Be the first to go on our inaugural Motorcycle and Surf Adventure

Surf, motorcycles, tropical beaches and freedom are the essence of this adventure.  There is nothing like the feeling of riding a moto through a mountain pass, crossing a river on a back jungle road and coming over the ridge and seeing the coast for the first time. You just see things different on a motorcycle. The world has a different feel to it, it feels exciting. You see and feel things that you normally wouldn't in a car. We access places you just can't get to in a car or 4x4. The excitement, the rush, the freedom. It all sounds cliche, but its the truth. Motorcycles are just plain cool and super fun. 

Where are we going and where will we be staying?

Having extensive knowledge of the pacific coast and quite a few hidden spots, secret gems, tropical waterfalls, hide away restaurants and amazing lookouts. You will truly get to witness and see Costa Rica in a unique and amazing way. We stay the night in San Jose  going over our plans and provisions for the upcoming leg of the journey. In the morning we mount up and head north west through the jungles, over the mountains to the lush coastline of Costa Rica.  Where the jungle meets the ocean is where we will set our first camp and have our first surf.

We have a loose schedule and one month to make it down the coast to Pavones, a tropical paradise with an unbelievable left hand wave that can produce 3 minute rides!  It's a very magical place. 

   The swell and tides will determine when we travel and when we stay.   Some days we will camp on the beach or tucked up in the jungle. Some days we will stay in beach cabinas with ac and wifi. You will definitely be having a unique experience and living in a variety of places. From hammocks and tents to chill surf cabinas and rad beach houses.  

Who is this Adventure for?

I am keeping this adventure to a small group of 2-4 people. This keeps it authentic and real. This Expedition is for the intermediate surfer looking to progress with their surfing and go on a hands on adventure. Exploring one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth and surfing some of the best waves the Pacific ocean has to offer. Someone that wants to make a deeper connection with the world around them. Someone looking for more then all inclusive and all you can eat buffet. Someone looking for a life experience, a moment that they will remember for a lifetime... Is that person you?.

The Motorcycles and You

We will be riding 250, 400 or 650 Enduro motorcycles. What size moto you ride is up to your skill level. A 250 is perfect for learning, a 650 is great for the more advanced rider. While the 450 is right in the middle if you are an intermediate rider. You do not need a motorcycle license here in Costa Rica.  A valid driver's license will work fine. We will supply the helmets, insurance, and gas.


There will be times that we cook over an open fire; cooking the days catch. There will be road side "sodas", local restaurants, jungle cafes, fresh hand made chocolate, all types of fresh fruit, vegetables and local cuisine. You will get a taste of all that Costa Rica has to offer. We will supply all the basics for meal preparation, salt, pepper, onions garlic, rice, lentils, fruits and vegetables ect. and cooking utensils. we will not provide meat or specialty items. We will cook one meal a day for you. You are responsible for the other two meals. I will be giving class on cooking outside  and open-fire cooking along with proper fire making and safety. 

There is a lot more info coming out on this adventure.

If you have questions or want to book with us, please send an email.

Thank you, 


p.s. stay tuned much more info is coming in the near future.